Funny Video Of Guys “Fixing” A Car

Funny Video

Funny Video Of Guys “Fixing” A Car

The guys in this video are in need of a car, and they have decided that “fixing” an abandoned one is their best option. The area they are looking in seems to have numerous junked cars, so they picked one and got to work.

The men searched the area for the various parts they needed, like a working battery and a wheel.

The battery was easy enough, as there were batteries just laying around. They even managed to find a wheel that fit the vehicle.

Using a dolls head as an oil cap and a stroller for a drivers seat, they were about set to drive off in their new ride. They just needed fuel, which was easily siphoned from the other junk cars.

After starting the car, they removed the cracked windshield and cleaned most of the trash out of the car. With everything set, they piled in and drove off.

It wasn’t the prettiest car, but it worked.

I doubt the car will last long, but I suppose if it breaks down they could just scavenge a new one.

Watch the video below.


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