Gunman Tries To Steal A Car & Gets Run Over Instead


Gunman Tries To Steal A Car & Gets Run Over Instead

This police video shows two gunmen who were fleeing from police trying to steal a car. After a long chase, police used spike strips to stop the speeding car and the men took off on foot.

They tried to hijack multiple cars, but since they were on the highway the cars continued to speed past. At least one accident was caused by the men when they stopped a car on the highway.

One car did stop when one of the menĀ got in the way, but when the driver saw the gun they hit the gas and ran the guy over. This caused him to drop his gun and with police closing in he left it and continued to run.

Shortly after the two were apprehended and charged with attempted murder. Hopefully they will be forced to pay for the cars they damaged during their crime spree as well.

Check out the video below.


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