Video Explains Why Handguns Aren’t That Great


Video Explains Why Handguns Aren’t That Great

Compared to rifles and shotguns handguns are relatively terrible when it comes to killing things. That doesn’t stop various camps from trying to make them out to be some kind of terrifying death machine though.

This video does a great job of pointing out all the weaknesses of the handgun. Obvious downsides are the reduction of power, accuracy, and effective range when compared to a rifle.

That’s not to say that handguns are pointless though, as it isn’t exactly practical to wander around with a rifle strapped to your back. They are useful┬ábecause they are strong, portable, and light.

The video also brings up some interesting points about hospital statistics regarding handgun wounds compared to rifle wounds. Pointing out that handgun wounds don’t often kill if medical attention is applied fast enough.

Watch the video below, it raises some interesting points.


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