Intelligent Dolphin Seeks Help From Divers

Intelligent Dolphin

Intelligent Dolphin Seeks Help From Divers

It’s no secret that dolphins are very intelligent, but I never knew they were this smart.

While on a night dive to see manta rays, these divers were approached by a dolphin. The animal seemed to linger around the divers, and was in distress.

The dolphin made a few passes near the divers, intentionally showing them its left side. When the divers inspected it animal, they noticed a fishing hook and line were tangled on its fin.

The panicked animal was asking for help from the divers the only way it knew how. The divers worked on removing the line and hook, but were only able to remove the line.

Removing the line returned the dolphins range of motion, and it happily swam off after that.

It’s pretty amazing that the dolphin knew that the divers were capable of helping it and were not a threat.

Check out the video below.


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