Close Call With A Shark While Spearfishing


Close Call With A Shark While Spearfishing

These two guys were enjoying some spearfishing in the Bahamas when an uninvited guest crashed the party.

After spearing a good sized fish, the two returned to the surface and headed towards the boat. They didn’t return to the surface alone though.

The struggling fish attracted a shark to their location, and the two were forced to defend themselves. The man with the fish got behind his friend, who loosed a few spears at the shark.

It’s unclear if they hit the large fish, but it certainly didn’t stick around afterwards. With the shark retreating, the two called to their friends on the boat to come get them before the shark came back.

Luckily, the shark didn’t return. The boat got to them quickly and they climbed out of the water to safety.

Check out the video below.


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