Testing Penetrator Rounds Out Of A .45-70 Rifle

Testing Penetrator

Testing Penetrator Rounds Out Of A .45-70 Rifle

In this video the guy from¬†DemolitionRanch¬†tests out a Henry All Weather Rifle chambered in .45-70. He uses a few different bullets in his tests, one of which is an “extreme penetrator” round.

His goal is to see just how extreme the penetration of the round is. Is it just a cool sounding name, or does it live up to the hype?

He starts the test by firing a hollow point at some water jugs, managing to punch through five of them. He then lets fly with a penetrator round to see if it does better.

The round went through 7 gallons of water before stopping, but unlike the hollow point the round remained in pristine condition. This round would easily punch through a person or two before stopping against a hard surface.

The last test pit the rounds up against an AR500 body armor plate. There’s no way a hollow point would go though body armor, but would the penetrator?

Check out the video below to find out.


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