Unlucky Zebra Gets Devoured By Swarm Of Crocodiles

Unlucky Zebra

Unlucky Zebra Gets Devoured By Swarm Of Crocodiles

Crossing any body of water in Africa is incredibly dangerous. Animals try to use safety in numbers, but in an instant a crocodile can snatch you and drag you away.

These zebras tried to cross a river in a large group, but the hungry crocs didn’t care about their numbers. One of the crocodiles swam right up to the group and grabbed one of them.

It was the luck of the draw that spelled this zebras doom. The croc had a perfect opportunity to grab three or four other zebras, but waited and grabbed this one instead.

The zebra tried its best to fight the croc off, but soon numerous crocs had the zebra surrounded. Within moments the water turned into a churning red mess as the crocs feasted.

That zebras unintentional sacrifice led to the other zebras being able to cross safely. At least its death wasn’t in vain.

Check out the video below.



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