Wildebeest Braves Dangerous Waters

Wildebeest Braves Dangerous Waters

Wildebeest Braves Dangerous Waters

This wildebeest ends up going on an epic and dangerous journey during its migration. In order to get to an area where food is more abundant, it needed to cross a croc infested river.

The wildebeest smartly stayed close to shore while looking for the right spot to cross. It ended up coming face to face with a crocodile, but luckily it had already snagged a meal and ignored the wildebeest.

Crocodiles weren’t the only obstacle for the traveler, territorial hippos also called the waters home. A few times it was chased by hippos, but it managed to avoid them and cross the river.

It got dicey a few times, but in the end the brave traveler pulled it off. Check out the video below.



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