Waterbuck Narrowly Escapes From A Crocodile

Waterbuck Narrowly Escapes

Waterbuck Narrowly Escapes From A Crocodile

Usually, when an animal gets grabbed by a crocodile it’s game over. The large reptile drags the animal underwater and that’s the end. That wasn’t the case for this waterbuck, however.

At the start of the video, the waterbuck is peacefully hanging out in the water. The serene view is ruined when a croc grabs the unsuspecting animal and drags it underwater.

The waterbuck doesn’t go quietly, though kicking and fighting the hungry crocodile the entire time. After what appears to be a losing battle, the lucky animal┬ámanages to break free.

With a few solid kicks to the croc’s head, the lucky animal scrambles to the shore and runs off. It didn’t even appear to have any serious wounds as it ran off.

Check out the video below.


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