May 31, 2016 0

Well, most of us have seen gators throughout our lives at one time or another.  Living in Florida, you grow accustomed to seeing them.  The animals that look like they have been fed “VERY” good, […]


May 21, 2016 0

Some of you may not know what the Magnus Effect really is.  According to the Encylopedia-Brittanica, generation of a sidewise force on a spinning cylindrical or spherical solid immersed in a fluid (liquid or gas) […]

Can a Golf ball Be Split in Half By an Axe?

May 19, 2016 0

Have you ever wondered if a golf ball could be split in half.  Probably not, but the guys at How Ridiculous have set up another amazing experiment.  This includes a driver, golf ball and an axe. The goal of […]

VIRAL!!!!!Look What was Attached To This Lady

May 16, 2016 0

Nothing more relaxing then feeling the warm sand under your feet and the sound of the waves.  Unfortunately, for this lady in South Florida, her beach pleasure came to abrupt end.  The woman was bitten […]

Hydrogen Peroxide Vs. Tick….Wow!

May 16, 2016 0

Lets face it, nobody likes ticks.  Especially being out in the woods all day and coming home to ticks everywhere.  Some ticks go in places that aren’t too pleasant.  Well in this video we discover […]

Genius! How to Prevent Poison Ivy!

May 16, 2016 0

Have you ever gotten that evil poison ivy after a day in the woods.  It is guaranteed most of us have at least once in our lifetime.  Dr. Jim Brauker demonstrates how we get poison ivy […]

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