Bear Hunting Archery Kill Shot

August 4, 2016 0

Bear Hunting Archery Kill Shot This hunter landed a sweet kill shot on a bear while out hunting. He used bait to lure the unsuspecting bear close and waited for the perfect moment to let […]

Taking Out An Armadillo With A Bow

August 2, 2016 0

Taking Out An Armadillo With A Bow While on their way to do some bow fishing for gar, these boys came across a young armadillo. Armadillos are a nuisance where they live and are regarded […]

Thermal Kill Shots On Hogs & Coyotes

July 6, 2016 0

This video is a compilation of two night hunts using an IR Hunter MK II scope. The scope makes it very easy to see the hogs and coyotes at night and the unsuspecting animals don’t […]

Hunting Then Cooking A Venomous Snake

June 20, 2016 0

These guys went out into a swamp in search of some dinner. They figured they would be able to find a snake or some catfish and took their blowgun to aid them in their hunt. […]

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